Words can make a scene come alive

In “Mnemosyne:  A Love Affair with Memory” the use of words can light the scene on fire.  Mnemosyne coverImagine a movie scene that takes your breath away and makes your heart pound.  Now try it with your writing.

This is a scene from my book where Richard Semon can no longer deal with reality.  Death is his only option.  Words paint the scene.

Dark bags under his eyes pulled his sight downward.  Skin the color of tree rot covered his face.  And if he had tried to smile, his face would have broken into a billion pieces.  The hair on his head had been pulled in different directions at the same time.  This man yearned to scream, but he was unable to utter a single sound.  And then came the blackbirds singing in the dark black night.  Richard squeezed the trigger ever so slightly.  A single bullet exploded in his heart.

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