Appearance on “Isn’t it Queer” 91.1 radio Carbondale, Il

rita nitzTomorrow morning, Wednesday October 23rd, radio interview with Julie Cosenza, WDBX 91.1 Agenda will probably be on one of my books, “The Rita Nitz Story: A Life Without Parole,” which deals with the 1988 murder of Michael Miley, a gay man from Carbondale, Il. It was a horrific crime by any measure, when Richard Nitz killed Michael Miley and then decapitated him. Three days later the body was found but the head was never recovered. Writing the words some eight years after the book was published, still brings back the memories of researching the case and trying to make sense out of the judicial process. The 1980’s were a time when some young men in southern Illinois, armed with baseball bats, hunted gay men as if they were going out to shoot some quail. It was violence without a conscience, feeling, or any trace of remorse. Come join us tomorrow morning when we will delve into the mysteries that still keep the Miley case alive.

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