I ain’t no better than a dirty dime.


I was reading a story from Rolling Stone about an old favorite of mine, Kris Kristofferson.  While I don’t listen to him often, I’m drawn by his lyrics like a bee to honey.  I sat at my computer and let his music help me write my imaginary song.

I ain’t no better than a dirty dime

I’ve got the writer’s itch,
when words flow from my mouth
like grease droppings on a dirty floor.

Thinking about days gone by
as they skip out the door.
Hey little buddy of mine,
you’re ain’t nothing but my little whore.

All my writing, singing, and therapy stuff,
don’t change you a little bit.
I own you, he whispered that night.
You ain’t no better than a dirty dime.

Hey, Kris Kristofferson,
you old buddy of mine.
I’m turning you off,
‘fore the dark fog moves in.
Best you go away,
before I begin to believe,
I ain’t no better than a dirty dime.

New book, “Supermax Prison:  Controlling the most dangerous criminals,” is about to be released.  Please check it out.


7 thoughts on “I ain’t no better than a dirty dime.

  1. How to silence those voices… or try to drown them out? I read the Kris story too… it seems that as he ages he can now accept what is, and ‘zen like’ not strive so in life. That may be the answer, to deflect instead of confront. Peace Thanks for the poem.

  2. Regarding your Mnemosyne memories… I have also known childhood spider filled barns, hot fragrant lofts, bales of new hay, and a few times the dread, fear and anxiety there. I can see it now. But, I suspect, nothing like what you have experienced. Transient, but out of control events consumed a few of my teen age days and continued into nights thru memory…. until finally time and new memories caused the old scary ones to fade somewhat. But they still can drag like a chain… and the chain gets heavier if I add the weight of “what if?” … I now forgive myself alot, many shortcomings. The person who most helped me let myself go on and be more free and self accepting was LaDonna Martin, whose life force, kindness and wisdom was a lifetime support for me in ways I would have never guessed at the time. So now to the end of our days you and I carry Empathy with us…. also a heavy load. But one I never want to live without. Keep writing…. my sisters and I are reading your books… and in so many ways your books shine a light onto what we also know to be the injustices of this world.

    1. Thanks for your kind words. I was taken back by your comments on LaDonna Martin. I have many fond memories of LaDonna. We had a trio that played at dances, etc… She was very important during my high school days.

    2. Linda, I didn’t notice the last name, Stanley. Yes, yes I know you. Sounds like you have an interesting story. Like I said in one of my replies, you are a fine writer. Some very moving stuff.

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