“Blood of my Shadow” is available.

“Blood of my Shadow:  The Rise & Fall of the Syndicate” is available on Amazon and other book stores as an ebook and a paperback.  Join me on an interesting journey, and for some, an eye opening experience.

It has been my pleasure to work with Jovon Scott, author of “Blood of my Shadow:  The Rise & Fall of the Syndicate.”  I first met Jovon while researching my previous book, Supermax Prison:  Controlling the most dangerous criminals.  As a favor, I agreed to look over Jovon’s writing that fits within the genre of urban fiction.  Since my prior work was creative nonfiction, I found urban fiction to be a new, and rewarding experience.  (Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t teach old dog new tricks.)

     What blew my mind was Jovon’s imagination and how he can spin a story.  His writing reminds me of films I’ve watched that deal with urban fiction – fast, page turners, and attention grabbers.  I decided to edit the first 50 pages of Jovon’s manuscript, showing him what I believe would improve the flow of his writing while preserving his imagination.  Moving forward, Jovon Scott has his first book of a six book series.  

     “Writing is the avenue that changed my life, and I don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.”  Jovon Scott

     Jovon Scott is 30 years of age and began his incarceration in an Illinois prison at age 18.  He has a projected parole date of 2033.  Jovon was raised on the slum streets of Chicago in an area better known as the Robert Taylor Projects where unemployment reached 95%, an African-American population of 96%, 40% single-parent families, and a public assistant family income of $5,000 per year.  It comes as no surprise that Jovon turned to street gangs that offered a means of survival, a family-like environment, money, drugs, sex, and respect.    

     Jovon gives credit to the gang culture for forcing him to want more out of life, and a willingness to pursue it with gusto.  Discipline was front and center in the street gangs of the 1980s and 90s.  Being self-educated, Jovon continues to prepare himself for a more favorable future upon his release. 

     It was in a 6 x 9 foot double-occupancy cell where Jovon discovered how writing frees the soul and opens an imaginary reality, a breeding place for creativity.  “Blood of my Shadow: The Rise & Fall of the Syndicateis a work of urban fiction, focusing on the underbelly of the urban culture.  It is here where Jovon combines lessons learned on the streets of Chicago, an unharnessed imagination, and his ability to spin an exciting story. 

     This is a fictional story about control and power, accompanied by sex and violence, a lustful lifestyle, the willingness to die for your cause, and the hope of a lasting legacy.

     If you’re a new reader to urban fiction, I challenge you to give this a try and experience another patch in our quilt called America. 

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