Victims Make the Best Birdhouses

BY LARRY L. FRANKLIN ‧ RELEASE DATE: APRIL 29, 2022 Kirkus Review Franklin recounts his childhood abuse and his path to recovery. Franklin, whose last book was The Black River (2020), repressed memories of his difficult youth until his mother revealed that his father never loved him. For most of his young life, Franklin says he was physically and emotionallyContinue reading “Victims Make the Best Birdhouses”

Review — Victims Make the Best Birdhouses.

From Victim to Victorious I read this book in one day. I couldn’t put it down. It’s an amazing, honest and heart wrenching account of childhood abuse. It’s also a story of hard work to gain control of one’s life. Larry speaks of his journey with a voice of clarity and new found self-awareness. WhileContinue reading “Review — Victims Make the Best Birdhouses.”

“This book is gripping, inspiring, and details the complexity of abuse, trauma, and recovery.”

Review by Rebecca I highly recommend this book. It is a raw, open, transparent memoir detailing Mr. Franklin’s journey of discovery, despair, recovery and reconciliation with who he is and the trauma he endured as a child. I thing what’s truly fascinating is his resiliency and perseverance to find good in his own (adult) life.Continue reading ““This book is gripping, inspiring, and details the complexity of abuse, trauma, and recovery.””

Review — Online Book Club

by Orizon [Following is an official review of “Victims Make the Best Birdhouses” by Larry L Franklin.] Victims Make the Best Birdhouses by Larry L. Franklin is a gripping memoir that spins the detailed life story of the author. In a fluke conversation with his mother, Larry discovers he was a victim of physical and sexualContinue reading “Review — Online Book Club”

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