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VICTIMS MAKE THE BEST BIRDHOUSES BY LARRY L. FRANKLIN ‧ RELEASE DATE: APRIL 29, 2022 Franklin recounts his childhood abuse and his path to recovery. Franklin, whose last book was The Black River (2020), repressed memories of his difficult youth until his mother revealed that his father never loved him. For most of his young life, Franklin says he wasContinue reading “Kirkus Review”

Love, Dry Creek and a dog named Max

In May of 2022, my memoir — Victims Make the Best Birdhouses — was published. Hidden inside my memoir was a twelve-page “mini story” of who I’ve become. While consumed by my twenty-year journey, my “mini” story, “Love, Dry Creek & a Dog Named Max” surfaced. It felt right to include the short story underContinue reading “Love, Dry Creek and a dog named Max”

When an abused child sees an animal die, the child feels the lost.

For many abused children, the most nurturing, predictable, and unconditional experiences come from animals — dogs or cats. Children with abusive and unpredictable adults caring for then, put their hopes and dreams in relationships with nonhumans. So when they see an animal die, they actually feel the loss. But when a human dies — theyContinue reading “When an abused child sees an animal die, the child feels the lost.”

Compassionate & Optimistic

MR — REVIEWA very captivating story Predators do rob birdhouses. And in this book, “Victims Make the Best Birdhouses,” Larry shares how his soul, from a mere child to late in life, was continuously under brutal attack. The nightmares and feeling he experienced for so many years are heartbreaking. But with faith and help fromContinue reading “Compassionate & Optimistic”

Book Reviews IV

Lara Mazzone5.0 out of 5 stars I couldn’t stop readingA truly moving memoir about repressed memories and PTSD from sexual and emotional abuse. I finished the entire book in one day! HD.5.0 out of 5 stars A powerful story based on a traumatic childhoodI wasn’t sure what to expect when I began this book, but it becameContinue reading “Book Reviews IV”

Victims Make the Best Birdhouses

Sometimes a potential reader is struck by the title of my book and wants to know what it means.. While I prefer the readers wait until page 72 to discover the answer, I’ll share the secret. The title is designed to provide a hook for reading the book. By the way, I think “Victims MakeContinue reading “Victims Make the Best Birdhouses”

Victims Make the Best Birdhouses–Book Reviews

While the Book Reviews represent the fruit of one’s labor, the inner-most satisfaction will trump the other reasons to write everyday. Still, the positive reviews add a bounce to my step and gives me reason to continue working on my craft. Thank you. I treasure your reviews. Lara Mazzone5 out of 5 starsI couldn’t stopContinue reading “Victims Make the Best Birdhouses–Book Reviews”

Victims Make the Best Birdhouses

Prologue I should have known on that summer day In 1950 when my seven-year-old naked body was laid out over a bale of hay that this was not normal. I should have known. But I was the youngest and smallest of four boys in a place where the unspeakable was normal. Even at this veryContinue reading “Victims Make the Best Birdhouses”

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