The boy with the bent neck and a dog whose tail wouldn’t wag. — Part I

(I will continue this story in a series of short blurbs. ) It’s a story best told around the campfire under a star-filled sky accompanied by the distant sound of whip-poor-wills; a tale best told about “the boy with the bent neck and a dog whose tail wouldn’t wag.” Some of the details may haveContinue reading “The boy with the bent neck and a dog whose tail wouldn’t wag. — Part I”

Everything Buried But Nothing Grew

Victims Make the Best Birdhouses by Larry L Franklin It is not my job to convince you that I am a victim of physical and sexual abuse. I share my journey, leaving you to draw your own conclusions. While my story is based on what I believe to be true, I recognize the possibility ofContinue reading “Everything Buried But Nothing Grew”

Powerful Review

Megan Arns 5.0 out of 5 stars Compelling Story of Survival and a Path to Healing Franklin’s horrific story reminds us that humans have the capacity to inflict life-long harm upon each other through physical and sexual abuse. While his previous works hint at his past, Franklin’s memoir is the unthinkable full story. Through great courageContinue reading “Powerful Review”

Victims Make the Best Birdhouses

BY LARRY L. FRANKLIN ‧ RELEASE DATE: APRIL 29, 2022 Kirkus Review Franklin recounts his childhood abuse and his path to recovery. Franklin, whose last book was The Black River (2020), repressed memories of his difficult youth until his mother revealed that his father never loved him. For most of his young life, Franklin says he was physically and emotionallyContinue reading “Victims Make the Best Birdhouses”

Review — Victims Make the Best Birdhouses.

From Victim to Victorious I read this book in one day. I couldn’t put it down. It’s an amazing, honest and heart wrenching account of childhood abuse. It’s also a story of hard work to gain control of one’s life. Larry speaks of his journey with a voice of clarity and new found self-awareness. WhileContinue reading “Review — Victims Make the Best Birdhouses.”