Mnemosyne: A Love Affair with Memory

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Mnemosyne: A Love Affair with Memory Introduction

Mnemosyne: A Love Affair with Memory Chapter 1

Memory is our most treasured asset. Mnemosyne cover Seldom has such a complex subject been presented in a compelling narrative, where the intellect, the curious, and the recipient of horrific memories can grasp its meaning.Mnemosyne: A Love Affair with Memory is such a story. The two main characters lived in different centuries on opposite sides of the world, with memory as the common obsession that ties the two stories together.

Larry Franklin was diagnosed with PTSD brought on by childhood abuse. If not for his mother’s revelations, he might never have seen the memories that nearly cost him his sanity. Long-term therapy brought him back from the dark side.

Richard Semon, a nineteenth-century biologist, saw his reputation crumble when he fell in love with a fellow professor’s wife, who chose to leave her family for a life with Richard. The university fired Richard, and the one-time professor devoted the remainder of his life to the study of memory. Peer rejection and the later death of his wife drove Richard into a deep depression followed by suicide.