A Unique Review

A review by iloveuniquebooks.com Blood of My Shadow is a book that covered all the shenanigans that takes place in the underworld where drugs are freely ferreted across borders by cartels. Granted that lots of books have been written in the past that gave insight about the drug world, however the author, Jovon Scot toldContinue reading “A Unique Review”

Blood of my Shadow

I’ve been missing for a couple of months; editing a first for me, an Urban Novel.  Jovon Scott, an inmate in an Illinois prison, asked me if I would edit his work.  While I’ve always written nonfiction books, I was intrigued by Jovon’s imagination.  It is quiet remarkable.  A few months have passed and theContinue reading “Blood of my Shadow”

Fiction or Nonfiction, characters need depth.

I was in a small room waiting to see my pain management doctor.  There, taped to the wall, was a series of bright yellow faces staring at me, ten of them as I recall, each with a particular facial expression, indicating the level of pain that I was experiencing. At the time, the pain inContinue reading “Fiction or Nonfiction, characters need depth.”

When I first heard the words in the dark black night. Part II

I feel like I need to elaborate on my previous blog — “When I first heard the words in the dark black night.” I just finished watching a concert of Jason Mraz on my television.  It was so obvious that Jason goes to that well of creativity which I referred to in my previous blogContinue reading “When I first heard the words in the dark black night. Part II”

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