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Urban Novel — Title to be determined

It’s been some time since my last post.  I’ve been engaged in a new experience for me, the writing of an Urban Novel.  I’m working with Jovon Scott, an inmate who brings the culture of street gangs to merge with my history of childhood physical and sexual abuse.  The combination of two cultures, Jovon’s imagination, and my writing have produced what we consider to be an interesting work.  Except for some last minute fine tuning, the manuscript should be complete in the near future.  I have included the prologue to give you a feel for what Jovon and I are doing.


War is a cause and blood is the ink used to write the markings on the wall. Blood spills on both sides – those who are innocent and our enemies as well; an inevitability when two groups are seeking the same. There will be casualties determined by providence, leaving us unable to choose who stays and who goes. We live by a set of rules and principles that not only govern our longevity in the underworld, but shapes who we are as a player in the game of chances. Everyone sitting at the table is family, willing to die for one another. Death is synonymous with the culture we live in. Blood is only repaid in blood.

     We are Penumbras, mere fractions of a shadow. But when united, we become one full and complete shadow, absorbing the magical and spiritual strength emulated by a total eclipse.    

Mona Moore, Sole Proprietor of The Sheridan Syndicate


The Sheridan Syndicate, considered one of the elite criminal organizations, engages in illegal activities for profit. While sometimes referred to as the mafia, mob, gang, or the underworld, The Sheridan Syndicate has no equal. Under Mona Moore’s leadership, the Syndicate has accumulated some $100 billion in capital; provided the umbrella under which criminal activities operate; and all for the sole purpose of granting the means to an end – control and power. The Meddstone Drilling Company and the Royal Diamond Casino & Resort are legitimate business organizations that provide cash flow and a means of money laundering. They too fall within the Syndicate.

The extravagant lifestyle and accumulation of wealth are mere byproducts. Underground drug traffic, money laundering, robbery, murder, blackmail, political misdeeds, investments, and inflows from outside investors lead to the ultimate goal – control and power, an addiction that Mona Moore wholeheartedly admits.

While Mona maintains tight control of the Syndicate’s operational activities, she is assisted by her twin sons, Ty and Sky. The enforcers, Kema and Anisa, protect the family and add to the core of professionals who run the organization. Business associates, criminals, soldiers, policeman, politicians, investors, and other centers of influence make the system work.

In addition to the Federal Government, the Caudras and Mendoza Cartels are the Syndicate’s largest competitors. It is their job to destroy, lock up, or kill members of The Sheridan Syndicate. The Cartels are controlled by the Carlos Caudras family, the Mendoza brothers, and a large supporting cast. Drug traffic has broadened domestic terrorist activities, reaching into the international communities. The blood spilled could fill a river running from the east to the west coast, spilling over into the Nile River of North-East Africa; all in the name of war.

This is a story about control and power, accompanied by sex and violence, a lustful lifestyle, the willingness to die for your cause, and the hope of a lasting legacy.




Title to be determined


First attempt at writing an Urban Novel.


Miami, Florida
June 1, 2012
9:15 pm

Red and blue lights flashed repeatedly, interrupting the darkness of a summer night. Anisa pulled over as the Police Cruiser followed closely behind. The back roads were isolated and secluded from the busy streets of Miami; mostly open to the Everglades and small planes that landed on private airstrips.

The officer slowly emerged from his cruiser and approached the vehicle. Anisa and Kema were both under the provision of the Russian counsel, making them diplomatic citizens. The vehicle was registered to the Embassy and considered diplomatic property, causing Anisa to question the stop.

“Is there a problem officer?” Anisa asked as she lowered the window.

“No, not at all young lady,” the officer answered. “Just don’t get much company back here. This is just a concerned safety stop.” Anisa smiled. Kema remained composed, yet vigilant.

“We’re alright officer, just taking this road to the air strip ahead,” Anisa explained.

“Well, I see you women are alright, so I’ll let you get on your way.” Without hesitation, the officer stepped back, unholstered his service weapon and fired into the vehicle. The first trajectory grazed Anisa’s cheek as she managed to duck the second one. Kema jumped from the car and returned fire. Anisa followed in unison. A series of shots sent the officer running for cover. Kema closed in, firing at the fleeing officer as he managed to fire back. While he made his way to the driver side of the car, he saw Anisa. But it was too late. She fired a shot that ripped through the officer’s clavicle.

“Ah Shit,” he yelled in excruciating pain. Anisa walked up close as Kema made her way around the car.

“Who do you think he works for?” Kema asked.

“The Cuadras Cartel, definitely,” Anisa said, firing a bullet into his skull.

“Are you alright?” Kema asked.

“Yeah, it’s just a graze wound,” Anisa answered. “Let’s get out of here. I’m sure someone heard the shots.