Philip Seymour Hoffman — tell me your secrets.

The recent death of Philip Seymour Hoffman brings admirers to their knees, and gives reason to reflect on his magic.  Hoffman was possibly the greatest actor of our generation.  Each time I’ve viewed one of his performances, I came away with a clearer vision of life.   His creativity was never in question, and the masteryContinue reading “Philip Seymour Hoffman — tell me your secrets.”

Fiction or Nonfiction, characters need depth.

I was in a small room waiting to see my pain management doctor.  There, taped to the wall, was a series of bright yellow faces staring at me, ten of them as I recall, each with a particular facial expression, indicating the level of pain that I was experiencing. At the time, the pain inContinue reading “Fiction or Nonfiction, characters need depth.”

When I first heard the words in the dark black night.

I was three, maybe fourth months into therapy.  Horrific memories of childhood sexual abuse came in different ways — sometimes a complete memory, other times in bits and pieces while meditating.  I was very proficient in meditation, and would sit for thirty to forty-five minutes, and even an hour.  The really bad memories erupted duringContinue reading “When I first heard the words in the dark black night.”

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