Fiction or Nonfiction, characters need depth.

I was in a small room waiting to see my pain management doctor.  There, taped to the wall, was a series of bright yellow faces staring at me, ten of them as I recall, each with a particular facial expression, indicating the level of pain that I was experiencing. At the time, the pain inContinue reading “Fiction or Nonfiction, characters need depth.”

When I first heard the words in the dark black night.

I was three, maybe fourth months into therapy.  Horrific memories of childhood sexual abuse came in different ways — sometimes a complete memory, other times in bits and pieces while meditating.  I was very proficient in meditation, and would sit for thirty to forty-five minutes, and even an hour.  The really bad memories erupted duringContinue reading “When I first heard the words in the dark black night.”

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