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A Unique Review

A review by iloveuniquebooks.com

Blood of My Shadow is a book that covered all the shenanigans that takes place in the underworld where drugs are freely ferreted across borders by cartels. Granted that lots of books have been written in the past that gave insight about the drug world, however the author, Jovon Scot told the story in a unique and indebt way. The reason is not farfetched considering that he was an active player in most of the activities and was able to have firsthand information as well as observed everything from close quarters.

Another good attribute of Blood of My Shadow that helped in making it more “real” and pulsating is the way Jovon Scot begins the chapters with time, date and venue in dateline sort of. Once again, in helping to project the worldview of the characters in the book, the author would bring everyday life theories in explaining the motive or why the characters chose to act the way they did.

In terms of overall character development, the actors in Blood of My Shadow does not really ‘jump in your face’ so to speak. That is one area the author should have done better. The characters ought to have been more dramatic with salient unique attributes that would easily set them apart. This is not to say that they are all bland, not even in the least. However, the point is that they should have been more developed.

Another important aspect of written works whether fiction or nonfiction is the plot. It is the storyline that will determine whether a story will be thrilling or otherwise and that’s another major area Jovon Scot was able to score a bull’s eye. The book has a rich plot that seamlessly flowed from the beginning to the very end.

Another factor that helps in transforming literary works into becoming evergreen classics is the ability to make readers to identify with it, and Blood of My Shadow did well in that area. Readers that know how the underworld of drug racketeering works will easily agree with the events that took place in the book as factual while others who had no prior knowledge will be able to gain an insight beyond what is peddled in the mainstream media.

On a general perspective, Blood of My Shadow is amazing and such well detailed book can only be written by someone who was once actively involved as an insider.

A message from the author.

I‘m supporting Jovon Scott, friend and author of “Blood of my Shadow.” I had the pleasure of editing Jovon’s book and bringing it to fruition. I’m posting a message from Jovon written from locked in a prison cell.

Writing and imagination have been an escape from the reality of my upbringing.  The ability to create a world where I can exist is compelling; perhaps enchanting.   The streets nearly killed my creativity and pulled me so far under that I lost myself.  The drugs, violence and other things that came along with the culture damaged my ability to feel; to be a kid, allowing myself to reach the potential of who I am today.

I was mentally isolated in a bondage that imprisoned my mind.  But words freed me from the mental incarceration, opening the doors that allowed my mind to run rapid and unharness my imagination.  Now at the age of 30, I’m free and more alive than I’ve felt before.   

Blood of my Shadow:  The Rise & Fall of the Syndicate is a depiction of my imagination mixed with the reality of the street culture.  Urban fiction and organized crime have never been entangled into one genre — until now!  This 6 book series is my mind run rapid on pages that allow you to enter my world of reality and creativity.  Thank you for your support.  I promise to keep the art of storytelling alive. 

Jovon Scott

“Blood of my Shadow” is available.

“Blood of my Shadow:  The Rise & Fall of the Syndicate” is available on Amazon and other book stores as an ebook and a paperback.  Join me on an interesting journey, and for some, an eye opening experience.

It has been my pleasure to work with Jovon Scott, author of “Blood of my Shadow:  The Rise & Fall of the Syndicate.”  I first met Jovon while researching my previous book, Supermax Prison:  Controlling the most dangerous criminals.  As a favor, I agreed to look over Jovon’s writing that fits within the genre of urban fiction.  Since my prior work was creative nonfiction, I found urban fiction to be a new, and rewarding experience.  (Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t teach old dog new tricks.)

     What blew my mind was Jovon’s imagination and how he can spin a story.  His writing reminds me of films I’ve watched that deal with urban fiction – fast, page turners, and attention grabbers.  I decided to edit the first 50 pages of Jovon’s manuscript, showing him what I believe would improve the flow of his writing while preserving his imagination.  Moving forward, Jovon Scott has his first book of a six book series.  

     “Writing is the avenue that changed my life, and I don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.”  Jovon Scott

     Jovon Scott is 30 years of age and began his incarceration in an Illinois prison at age 18.  He has a projected parole date of 2033.  Jovon was raised on the slum streets of Chicago in an area better known as the Robert Taylor Projects where unemployment reached 95%, an African-American population of 96%, 40% single-parent families, and a public assistant family income of $5,000 per year.  It comes as no surprise that Jovon turned to street gangs that offered a means of survival, a family-like environment, money, drugs, sex, and respect.    

     Jovon gives credit to the gang culture for forcing him to want more out of life, and a willingness to pursue it with gusto.  Discipline was front and center in the street gangs of the 1980s and 90s.  Being self-educated, Jovon continues to prepare himself for a more favorable future upon his release. 

     It was in a 6 x 9 foot double-occupancy cell where Jovon discovered how writing frees the soul and opens an imaginary reality, a breeding place for creativity.  “Blood of my Shadow: The Rise & Fall of the Syndicateis a work of urban fiction, focusing on the underbelly of the urban culture.  It is here where Jovon combines lessons learned on the streets of Chicago, an unharnessed imagination, and his ability to spin an exciting story. 

     This is a fictional story about control and power, accompanied by sex and violence, a lustful lifestyle, the willingness to die for your cause, and the hope of a lasting legacy.

     If you’re a new reader to urban fiction, I challenge you to give this a try and experience another patch in our quilt called America.